Zoë is an illustrator and bookmaker - their practice is centred around reportage and instinctive drawn responses to people and the natural world, ultimately driven and influenced by research, experience and emotion. They use a variety of analogue approaches to image-making as means of play and curious intrigue.
Email: illustration.zoe@gmail.com
Instagram: @zb_illustration

My current projects include: 
- 102 views of a Nightless Sky: an investigation into an un-ending and constant state of being. Night does not exist, and life is trapped in a tumultuous cycle of order and chaos... 
- On These Here Flatlands: based on the area I grew up around, this project explores the personification of such a barren and harsh atmosphere of the Fenlands; originally started at university, this ongoing project combines narrative, illustration and book-making.

final1.jpeg // Colours May Vary // 2019

All work © Zoë Beckley 2020
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